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Cinque Terra, Italy

Function & Beauty

Low wattage, lantern-like table lamps provide soothing ambient lighting suitable for any décor.

Night & Day

Lamps are beautiful during the day and at night the low-wattage bulb illuminates the image, displaying unexpected depth.

East & West

Asian inspired lamps are constructed, by hand, using local cherry or walnut with a poly finish and Japanese paper.

Pricing & Availability

All lamps retail for $185, plus shipping.
Travel Lanterns are limited editions of 10.
Hand-painted lamps are unique and not repeated.
Original photos printed on a Japanese paper called “Iyo Glazed” using archival ink.

The base is walnut or cherry.

Height: approx. 12″       Width: approx. 6″ per side

Lighting is a 25 watt equivalent LED bulb rated for 50,000 hours.

NOTE: All lamps show 4 views, i.e., an on/off view of 2 sides and another on/off view of the opposite 2 sides.

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